Christopher McIntyre Perceptions

The 27 year old self taught Milwaukee native who is also known as C.M.P., interlaces art, revolution and spirituality into one artistic focus as he is rooted in Christian foundations. Christopher beat the odds by the grace of God. Coming from a split family where Christopher’s father was a drug dealer and his mother is an evangelist, he lived in two worlds at once. With this, the only outlet that gave peace was the arts.

- Youngest artist in the Milwaukee Art Museum's "Wisconsin 30" exhibit in 2013.


- Directed, co-produced, organized & performed in "Br(OK)en Genius", a multidisciplinary production in 2014.


- Self published an eBook called “Memoirs & Visions” in 2015


- Produced, arranged, wrote & released several musical projects, such as "Intuition" in 2016. A new album called "Crescendo" will be released on July 7th, 2017.


- Releasing an app in 2018, a creative launchpad for all art, music, eBooks & more from CMPerceptions LLC.

Name: C.M.P.

Date of Birth: 12/11/1989

Nationality: America

Education: Self Taught

Mediums: Fine Art Photography, Film, Spoken Word & Music.


(For music / spoken word by C.M.P., is the official site.)


Products & Services: Art Cirriculums




Christopher McIntyre Perceptions has been an art professional for several years & has established a rapport with various institutions / organizations such as:


Art, performances, excerpts of eBooks, music & film examples by Christopher McIntyre Perceptions.




C.M.P. of CMPerceptions LLC. is available for creative consulting, fine art photography, documentary film, spoken word, musical engagements, building or teaching interpersonal art curriculums as well as public speaking opportunities.

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